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Snowdon Map & Guide

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Climb Snowdon - Snowdon Map and Guide

This beautifully presented Snowdon map and guide is a very handy pocket map for walkers on Snowdon. The maps have been cleverly simplified and cover the main routes up Snowdon:

There is also a detailed Summit Map to help identify which path is which around this area. The maps have been hand drawn and stylised by Dragon Design, making them easier to interpret for general walkers on the mountain.

Distance of paths, notable features, height you’ll climb and the time taken for each path is summarised on the first page. This will help with planning your day out, along with essential advice on kit required and a checklist of planning questions to help you with your preparation.

This comes at a time when visiting Snowdonia and North Wales is more popular than ever. October 2016 saw Lonely Planet rank North Wales as the Top 4 destination in the whole world to visit...

We are part of that adventure...and for anyone that has done or would like to, this map is a fitting resource and souvenir.

Climb Snowdon - Snowdon Map and Guide

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